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It's simple. We know that your company will grow and that you will eventually upgrade to Metron's Time-Windows Internet Time Clock.
This FREE Internet Time Clock is not the full version of Metron's Time-Windows, however it will provide your payroll department with the actual times that your employees clocked in and out.  You receive this information printed in a report, which can be exported. With this report you have all the information you need to calculate the employees' hours worked and verify their attendance. 
Did you know that Time-Windows costs only $134.00 per year for up to 10 employees punching?  That's 37 cents a day for all 10 employees!
What is Time-Windows?  

Time-Windows is an Internet time clock solution that goes far beyond simply capturing the employees' in and out punches.  Here are some of the Time-Windows features:

●  Round the punch time to the interval 1, 6, 10 or 15 minute, based on each employee's rounding policies.
●  Compute the regular, overtime & double-time hours based on each employee's overtime and double-time policies, on a weekly and daily basis.
●  Deduct time for breaks and meals, based on each employee's breaking policies.
●  Calculate the employees regular, overtime and double-time gross earnings on a weekly and daily basis.
●  Track employees from department to department for accurate charge-to tracking.
●  Collect tips information.
●  Track employee's attendance based on each employee's schedule.
●  Track each employee's sick, vacation, training, bereavement and miscellaneous hours.
●  Track each employee's bonuses and commissions.
●  Apply an alternate pay rate for a specific work period.
●  Print, display, e-Mail or export dozens of beautiful pre-designed reports.
●  Export your employee hours information to your payroll software, or outside payroll provider.
Using secured access, employee time cards can be viewed and adjusted as needed. Years of time cards can be kept in history for instant reports.
Time-Windows provides all of the functions of a full featured time clock system for only pennies a day.

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