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Your FREE Internet Time Clock comes preset with a password "1234".  You may change it using a Utility program.


Internet Time Clock Main Menu




The Main Menu selections are:

Online Access 

This is where you communicate with your company’s Internet Time Clock account.



Here is where you setup and maintain an employee record for each employee who will be punching on your company’s FREE Internet Time Clock.



Here is where you print display, print, email or export a report.



You can change your Security Password or print the Handbook here.


Step 1 - Setup Employee Records 




Begin by selecting "Employees" from the Main Menu. If this is your first employee's record, only the "File" and "Exit" buttons will show on the panel.


As you fill in each field, press the "Enter" or "Tab" key to advance to the next field. This important method of advancing through the screen ensures that Your company’s Internet Time Clock will correctly create and file the record.


Employee Information



Enter the employee's last name, then first. Up to 25 spaces are provided.



Enter this employee's unique employee number, from 1 to 999999.


Dept #

Enter the employee's home department number, from 1 - 999999.


Charge-to Tracked

If this employee's hours are to be tracked over various departments, enter a "Y" here.


Tips / Bonuses Tracked

If this employee earns tips, enter a "Y" here.


Emp Status

Enter "A" for active, or “I” for inactive.


Badge Number

Each employee who will be clocking-in and out must have a badge number. Assign a badge number from 1 - 999999. Employees with no badge number will not be moved to your Internet account.


Hiring a New Employee and Terminating an Employee


When hiring a new employee, two steps must be taken.

  1. Setup an Employee Record for this employee.

  2. Run the "Move Employees to Internet Account" so the new employee can begin clocking in and out..

When terminating an employee

  1. Either make the employee “Inactive” by referencing his Employee Record and changing his Status to "I", or delete the employee’s record altogether.

  2. Run the "Move Employees to Internet Account" so the terminated employee will be blocked from clocking in and out.

Step 2 - Move Employees to Internet Account


Once the employee records have been setup, select "Online Access" from the Main Menu, then click “Move Employees to the Internet”.




You will be asked:




Click “Yes”. Your employees information will be passed to your Internet Account.


Once the employee information has been moved to your Internet account your employees can begin clocking in and out.

Step 3 - How Employees Clock-In and Out 


Once the employee records have been setup and moved to your Internet account, employees can immediately begin clocking-in and out.



The employees clock-in and out using a link or shortcut to the following address:



The Login Screen will display:




Here, the employee then enters your company’s Account Number and Account Password. This will immediately bring the employee to your company’s secure and private account.


The Internet Time Clock punch screen will display your company name and the current date and time. Always begin by selecting a function, like “Start Day” or “Change Dept”. You will be prompted for the badge number and any other needed information. Using this free software, your employees may clock-in and out, change from one department to another, (if allowed), and enter tips, (if allowed).




Here are specific instructions for each function.


Clocking-in or Out

The employee selects either "Start Day", "End Day", "Start Lunch" or "End Lunch", then enters his badge number. The employee's name will display on the clock screen for one second.


Change Departments

An employee who has already clocked-in and whose employee record shows to be tracked for Charge-to information can change departments by clicking on "Change Dept", then enters his badge number. The employee enters the new department number, then "Enter". The department that the employee entered is now his charge-to department until he changes departments again or clocks out.


Enter Tips

An employee whose record shows to be tracked for tips can enter tips amounts by clicking on "Enter Tips", then enters his badge number. The employee enters the amount of tips earned. An employee can make multiple entries of tips over a single day. They will show on his time card as one totaled entry for the entire day.


Step 4 - Collect the Punches


You may collect the punches as frequently as you like. All employee punches within the past 30 days will be included in the capture. To ensure the most current information be included in your report, run this program before running the report.



Step 5 - Run Reports 


Once you have collected employee punches you can run the report. The report will be current as of the last time punches were collected. Select "Reports" from the Main Menu, then click on “Employee Punches Sorted into Name and Date Sequence”.




This Free Internet Time Clock provides two reports.

  1. The Employee Badge Number Listing lists your employees by badge number, and includes the employee's Badge Number, Employee Number, Name, Home Department, Status, and whether Tips and/or Charge-to Tracking applies.

  2. The Employee Punches report contains the punches for every employee clocking in and out at your account for the date range you specify. The report lists your employees alphabetically, and includes the employee's Badge Number, the date and time of each specific action, (like Start Day), the Employees' Name, Number, Home Department, and the IP Address where the punch originated.

The report will first display on the screen. You now have the option to view, print, email or export the report.


View the Report

To view the report, maximize the screen if necessary, then use the scroll bar on the side and bottom to view all areas of the page.


Advance to Next Page

To advance to the next page, click the arrow that displays beside the page count in the top bar of the screen. If there are two right arrow keys, the inside arrow will advance you a page at a time, the outside arrow will jump to the report's last page.


Print the Report 

First, view the report for size and content, then click the printer icon at the top of the screen. You will be given the option to select the printer, print all or part of the report and/or enter the number of copies to print.


Printer Settings

To change the printer settings, click printer tool icon in the top

bar of the screen.


Export the Report

To export the report, click the envelope icon in the top bar of the screen. You can select the format and destination of the exported report.


Email the Report

To email the report, click the envelope icon in the top bar of the screen, (same as when exporting). Select the format as (PDF) and the destination as Microsoft Mail (MAPI). Click “OK”. You will given the ability to enter an email address.               


Search the Report

To search for specific information, click on the binocular icon in the top bar of the screen. You can enter whatever information you wish to search the report for.






Utilities Menu




This Utilities Menu provides access to the Change Password utility and the Handbook


View/Print Handbook


This Time Clock Handbook is provided in .PDF format. Simply select “View/Print Handbook” from the Utilities menu. This will activate Adobe Reader where you can view, scan and print the handbook.


Change Password




This program enables anyone with knowledge of the current password to change that password.


To Change a password select "Change Password" from the Utilities Menu. You will be prompted for the old password, then the new password.





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